Those Bathroom Countertops

The bathroom countertop can be a constant mess challenge. It gets used every day – most likely twice a day! Removing everything from the counter and storing it in a cabinet would be great but the reality is that it becomes a pain because you find yourself searching for more storage or can not find anything because it is in the way back of the cabinets! And after all that, you then find yourself again resorting back to the same old  system and the countertop become the same old unorganized mess again. 

Do you want your day to day bathroom items in a place where they will not become an eye sore? Well if so, here are my bathroom countertop tricks.

Here is goes. First start by sorting your countertop items into two piles. One - What you use everyday or every other day. And two - What you use every once and while. Once you have your two piles, then ask yourself if you have more countertop space, back of the door space or wall space. This helps you decide if you should use the wall to store regularly used items. The door (in an over-the-door organizer with individual pockets), on the countertop (in a container), or a little of all three!

EASY? Well easier said then done. When it comes to deciding whether you are going to use your countertop space, back door or wall space, one must know the right organization products to use. 

I think it when it comes to your countertop, I love a simple clean look. That is why I love these clear glass jars from Crate and Barrel.

I recently just went through the same thing where our bathroom countertop was just a mess, someday I couldn't even bare to go into the bathroom. So I ran to Target, bought some plastic containers and BOOM. One organized AND labeled bathroom Cabinet. Happy wife, happy husband, happy home!

All it takes is time, a label maker and $45 to make your bathroom one you actually want to get ready in.

Photo by sharambrosia/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by sharambrosia/iStock / Getty Images

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Photo by krblokhin/iStock / Getty Images

Laundry Room Chaos

Let's be honest we all want that perfect laundry room with plenty of storage and enough space to fold our laundry and iron our cloths. But sometimes we just can not have that, so we really just have to make it work! 

Believe me! I get it. Keeping your laundry room clean is like keeping the back seat of your car clean. In which we sometimes think is impossible.  BUT have no fear, not your regular realtor is here to give you some tips and tricks on how to avoid laundry room chaos. . . and as for your car situation, well that is a problem I can not help you with. . .  at least not today! 

My Four Step Guide to Washing

Your Laundry Room Choas Away!

 1 -  When it comes to organizing your laundry room, avoid plastic bins for any kind of use. Woven or cloth basket are you best investment because they help prevent odor smells from becoming trapped. I recommend having a basket for each family member that way it makes it easier to transport clothes from the bedroom to the laundry room.

2 -  I think overflow control is the biggest issue when it comes to trying to keep your laundry room clean. But hey, let's be real, we cannot do our laundry every day. I bet the majority of the population does their laundry on Sunday's. That is six long days of just dirty laundry that is just pilling up. And although we find it really easy to just throw the cloth is the room and shut the door, there is a way to keep it clean.  My best advice when it comes to overflow control is to first organize all of your laundry soap and stain removers on to a tray. A metal basket or tray is most likely your best bet because sometimes these laundry items drip. With a mental tray or basket, it is 100% easier to keep clean because it is easier to wipe down. Like I recommend in step one, have a laundry basket for each family member or even whites, colors, towels and delicates. Make labels so you know which basket is which and create a space in you laundry room you can easily ask these baskets to transport these items from the basket to the washer. 

3 -  Every laundry room is different. But if you have the space to create a air dry section. Honestly I could go on for days about how you can DYI, for low cost, air dry rack in your laundry room. That is why below I show I have attached several way to do so. If you anything like me, you will greatly appreciate the visuals. I found that a hanging rod works best, but you are more than welcome to create a retractable wall-mount, in which I truly believe that this will work better in smaller laundry room. 


Not Your Regular Realtor

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Style. Staged. Sell.

This beautiful home in South San Jose after being staged sold in 10 days!!! 

Staging is so important when selling your home because it helps the buyer imagine making the house a home!  


In this home most of the homeowners  personal items were already packed away in boxes. The items that were left the homeowner asked kindly if my team and I could work around them.We added our design to the homeowners existing living situation and was able to catch the a buyers eye.