But First, Coffee!

Ever wonder the influence a coffee table makes in your living room. No? Well either did I really, until I recently started reading this great book by Emily Schuman called Cupcakes and Cashmere at home. Simply, there are three ways to design the perfect coffee table, but before you go the polished feminine, California rustic or gilded floral look, I first want to example that you don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a table. Other then investing some big bucks on a table, I suggest investing time to find the right size and the right height, since it is one of those pieces that is equal parts form and function in your living room. Of course you want the table to look pretty, but you most definitely want the table to multitask. I truly love a good coffee table look. I believe that a coffee table says a lot more then just placing your morning coffee and TV remotes on it.  

It’s the perfect place to create a little moment in a room that looks considered without being too precious
— Emily Schuman

Once you find the perfect size coffee table for your living room, now comes the fun stuff, picking what décor goes on it. Sometimes choosing the right decor for your table can be a bit overwhelming, so here are my

Six tips to creating the perfect coffee table for your home:

A Stack of Books 

Use a small stack of books to elevate the decor. 

A Candle 

Good scents leave good vibes throughout your home.

Something Living 

Add some life with a small plant or a vase of flowers

A Tray 


eeps all the decor centered. 

Something with Height 

Display two different height candlestick or vases. 

Something Quirky & Personal

Add a quirky, personal item to create character. 


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