Going, Going, Gone!

I’m sure you all have been told a million times that if you stage your home before going on the market, it will sell faster! Well what you have heard is true. But have you ever wondered why that is?

I’m sure there has been multiple times where you have seen a property that’s a complete mess and visually unappealing.  I can actually bet that you probably have been driving around on a Saturday afternoon stopping by open houses. Either because your in the market for a new home or just enjoy seeing what is on the market. But the minute you pull up, you look at the front, and question whether or not you should go in. You start to walk up, still wondering if you should go in. Then you walk inside and BAMM! The question whether or not to walk into that open house has been answered. You start to notice that there is way too much furniture that it’s almost impossible to see anything.  The lighting and color is questionable and the floors need some major cleaning. All the clutter is making it really hard for you to visualize living here and that strange smell is making it hard for you to even think. Am I right?

I would say about 98% of the time potential buyers will be turned off by the property that looks questionable.

We all know that the California real estate market is competitive, especially in the Bay Area. That being said my advice when selling your home and to ensure a quick is sale is to: price it well, and make it look amazingly appealing. No matter what the price you are asking for it, the appearance needs to be flawless!

When staging your home, it is best to create a space that makes buyers connect emotionally to it. Making them feel right away that they are the owner, not just a visitor. In order for a seller to achieve this step in home staging, I recommend making your house as impersonal as possible. Now, I know when you hear that, you think to yourself “But this is still my home until I move all my belongings out”. Trust me, we are trying to emphasizes on the property’s strengths!

Home staging is a smart investment and a great marketing tool. It surely can be a deal-maker and can sell a property for the best price in the shortest amount of time!

Not Your Regular Realtor