Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Let’s be honest we all want our homes to feel like a million bucks but we surly don’t want to pay the price! That’s why I’m here today to tell you where to find those million-dollar ticket items for such a small price! HOMEGOODS Y’ALL! Every state has one and surely most cities have one too! I can’t tell you the number of days in one week I’ll just get in the car and drive right on over to the nearest HomeGoods to find the latest, trendiest and CUTEST items for mine or your’s home! The best part about it all…you're updating your home with personal touches at perfect prices! You’ll find that HomeGoods will become a go to place when it comes to re-arranging your home, transferring from one season to the next or hosting your next social gathering!

The best advice I can give when shopping at HomeGoods is be sure to make your home yours and save like a boss. It’s about you and the way you want your home to make you feel when you get home from a long crazy day of work, or you have been on vacation all week and want to come home to that feeling of home sweet home! Here are some my favorite finds from this summer season at HomeGoods.

Not Your Regular Realtor