The Importance of Comfort

Sometimes it's really easy to make your master bedroom an after thought. Why? Well for one it's hidden from your guest. Two, you really only get ready for your day and sleep in there. And three, it is essentially at the center of self-care. Your master bedroom is a place that can be so easy to just let things go. Sometimes I find that a master bedroom is a place where you have Kleenex boxes and books on your night stand, shoes and clothes just laying on the floor and your bed is never made. Although I know there is a clear expiation as to why we do this, I want to explain the reasoning as to why it is important to pay attention to your master bedroom details and avoid coming home after a long day to chaos. I truly believe that having a beautiful, peaceful bedroom makes a huge difference in starting your day off right. 

When trying to make our bedrooms as relaxing as possible, it's important to find symmetry in the room. This means matching bedside tables and match bedside lamps. What you do to one side of the bed, should be done on the other side of the bed.. 

Where should you place your bed? Now that's a good questions. One would say that you should always place your bed on a solid wall, but depending on the layout of the room, I believe in some situations you can get away placing your bed under a window. Not only does this draw in to be the center of the room, but the natural light just brings out out the cozy and protected feel to your room.  


I love textures. Don't you? Some may think they are little much, but not me. I think they bring comfort to a your bedroom. Want that comfort feeling I'm talking about? Then prioritize your time to finding the right bedside rug. Why a rug? You want that perfect welcoming feeling and a rug with textures just might do the trick. 



I'm not sure if it is just me, but I also feel great after a good night sleep, but I often only get a good night sleep when my room is the way I like it before going to bed. Yes, often times I like to just come home after a long day, throw my PJs on and hop straight into bed. And Sundays, being my one day of relaxation, if I'm lucky,  I like to lay in bed all day, watch football or catch up on all my reality shows. But believe it or not there a little things that surly do guarantee a good night sleep. I suggest: Remove the TV out of the bedroom (this can be hard). Install blackout shades. Invest in a quality mattress. Wear an eye mask ( I know this can look and feel goofy). Maintain a low key color palette. Keep a sash of great novels (or your IPad - Maybe even seek in a Netflix Series, since you don't have a TV anymore). Set the right temperature (this will never happen in my house but I can suggest it right?). 

I hope your bedroom now is your first thought! 


Not Your Regular Realtor