Full Interior Design

The Consultation

Before starting a project, I will first meet with my clients to do a walk- through of each space in their home they desire to re-design. I will discuss their goals and needs to get a clear idea of their vision. 

Price: $185

The Concept

After our walk-through, I will then provide my clients with a concept board for each space we discussed. Along with concepts and home decor selections.


Price: Included in the Consultation

The Design

Once all concepts have been approved and item selections have been chosen, my clients will be provided with the layout of each room, furniture, fabric and color samples. This is all included in the final proposal. 

Price: Custom for each client. Please contact Brianna for more information. 


Just the Concept

Please note that Just the Concept package is an E - Design package that let's me assist my clients when they need a little help bringing their vision to life. Our communication will be through email and text. This package will be provided with a concept board for each space we discussed. Along with concepts, home decor selections and to help you complete your vision and refresh your home in a short period of time.

Price: $250 per concept board


Just the Organization 

I know that sometimes my clients are just looking for a little help when it comes to organization, that is why I have designed a package that focuses just on the organization of their home. Before starting the organization process, I will walk through each space that my client needs organize, make suggestions and lay out a full organization design proposal. Each proposal will be based on flat rate depending on the number of spaces that need organizing and the cost for organization supplies.  


Walk-Through - $35

Day of Organization Project - Flat rate fee. Please contact Brianna for more details